pondelok 17. augusta 2015

InMoov Foot - Ankle. Parts & Instructions (ENG)

-Why do you modifying it?
-Because development is never-ending story.

  • Please print new version of part  innerRingOnServo (innerRingOnServo21.stl)
  • Push ankle forward

should be necessary to use longer threaded rod  here. Cut  at least 110 mm (..or little longer).

  • Modify servo to continuous rotary servo, put that servo to part'AnkleBearingServoHolderTaller10Inner.stl'
  • put Ball Bearing 608 to part AnkleBearingServoHolderTaller10Inner.stl (again is standar ball bearing for InLine Skate)
  • Fit that bearing with part 'BearingHolder_Small13.stl'

  • Put another ball bearing to part 'AnkleUpperPart29.stl' 
  • ...and screw it with 'AnkleBearingRing2.stl'

  • mount together  parts 'AnkleBearingRing2.stl'  and 'AnkleBearingServoHolderTaller10Inner.stl'

  • put those part on 'Foot' and screw it with nuts.

Put two nuts between Ankle and bearing like this.

  • Put next bearing to part 'AnkleBearingServoHolderTaller8OuterStraight.stl' and mount it with next 'AnkleBearingRing2.stl'

  • Put this part to threaded rood (ont nut between Ankle and bearing on this side) and monut it into blue  part 'AnkleUpperPart29.stl'.

  • Put on top part 'ShinLow18.stl'

  • Put next bearing into 'ShinLow18.stl'

  • put 4 screws M8  (screws with Imbus head)

  • Finally put wheel 'DriveGearServo19.stl'  on hub of Servo (put it straihgt on servo without horn ) . Put part 'DrivenGearModified27.stl' on threaded rood. Screw it on that rod with M8 nut and screw it with  another screv into Ankle.